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        1. Product recommendations


          Covers an area of nearly 100 mu

          9000square metre

          A maintenance workshop with 9000 square meters.

          800square metre

          800 square meters of spare parts warehouse

          4000square metre

          4000 square meters of parking lot

          3500square metre

          3500 square meters of integrated business building

          The company has been through the ISO2000 quality certification system which is China Road Transport Association, was awarded Binzhou "consumer satisfaction enterprises", Jinan "Credible Enterprise", Jinan "AAA corporate credit rating companies", Shandong" auto?maintenance integrity enterprise" titles.

          Enterprise introduction

          Founded in 2001,Shandong?Sanwei Trade Co.,Ltd?is a group of companies?and a important exporter authorized by SINOTRUK and FAW. Headquartered in the?riverside of?beautiful Daming?Lake,?the company has?environmental advantages.Its?business scope include: international trade business, domestic sales, Binzhou sales and service business. Owned subsidiary of the " Binzhou?Sanwei?Auto Trade Co., Ltd.", "Binzhou Zhonghui?Logistics Limited", "FAW?Light?Truck?Shandong Sanwei Sales?Company ", "Binzhou?City?Wanquan Trading Company", "Shandong Zhonghui Auto?Trading Co., Ltd." "Cote d'Ivoire (Shandong?Sanei) branch".



          At the recent 20th Anniversary Celebration of China Charity Federation, SINOTRUK



          July 8 ,2015, 100 units of FAW tractor head have delivered to our client. The cli



          One group of British businesses is sure to do well from what is billed as a “Se



          Official micro-blog


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